Girl Explorers Rock it in The Amazon!

February 12, 2016

Did you know that this week marked the FIRST EVER celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science?   It’s about time because today, more than ever, the world needs science and science needs women.

When we started digging into the statistics of women in science and hearing their stories, we decided to scrutinize our data to see just how many women and girls participate in our Amazon Rainforest Workshops.


81% of ALL of our Amazon Explorers are women and girls! 
71% of our Amazon Teacher Leaders are women! 
63% of our Student Participants are girls!  

So here’s to all the wild and wonderful women we have the privilege to work with!  Cheers to you who have resisted society’s norm, have pulled on your boots, put on your explorer hat, and jumped on a plane to go claim your place in the world of science, exploration, and discovery!

We want to hear your story!

  • What led you to be a scientist, a science teacher, an explorer?
  • Do you have a vivid memory of when first knew that you loved science?
  • Was there a significant mentor?
  • What words of advice do you have for other girl explorers and future scientists?
  • If you could ask women ‘jungle scientists’ a question what would it be?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below and/or email Amazon Workshops Director, Christa Dillabaugh with your stories!  christa@amazonworkshops.com

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